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We think GRIT is one of the coolest words that isn't said enough. To have it.. shows PASSION, DETERMINATION, RESILENCE AND PERSISTANCE!!!! So wear it on your wrist as a reminder that you are capable of having GRIT! Embracing the idea that "having grit is cool" reflects a positive mindset and a recognition of the strength that comes from facing and overcoming challenges. It's a mindset that can inspire and motivate both oneself and others.


Whether today or in the past, we’ve all needed a little grit to get us through.


Introducing the Grit bracelet. May this be a reminder that you have what it takes to soar.


We mixed silver and gold metals to match any wrist stack or wear it alone. The stretch beaded bracelet is 7" fits most ! Plus it wouldn’t be a Mer x Mel collab without a little bling! ( sterling silver, 14kt plated and HEAVY electroplating)

GRIT Stretch Bracelet - MB x MEL

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